How it Works

Hipsta® Bare & Prints

The original bottle holder.

  • Squeeze the tab ends together to expand the spring ring, load the bottle neck into the ring and simply release the tabs.
  • This will lock the bottle onto your hipsta® bottle holder.
  • The back clip is easily adjustable to fit over all sorts of things.
  • Specs: Will fit a standard bottle neck 30mm in diameter. Weight:  34 grams.


  • This newest design has a tight back grip. You can attach to belts and jeans as it does grip really well. It won’t move around once secured to your waist.
  • The additional ‘swivel’ feature makes is really easy to get to your bottle, especially if you have it attached to your waist line.
  • Suitable to fit a standard bottle neck 30mm in diameter.

details matter

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Size does matter – best bottle sizes

Our bottle holders will fit bottle neck sizes ranging from 30mm up to 34mm in diameter. We based the neck size on the globally known coca cola bottle. We found this to be the most universal size around the world.

Other popular bottles that fall within the range include;

  • Mount Franklin, Cool Ridge, Pump, Frantelle, Peats Ridge
  • Fiji and Evian Water
  • Dasani, Nestle Water
  • Glaceau Smart Water
  • Coca Cola, Pepsi, Schweppes
  • And the list goes one….

Fuji Water


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