Keeping Hydrated with hipsta®

Keeping Hydrated never looked so good!  If you want to stay fit and keep hydrated while on the move then you need to get on track with hipsta®.   Through a range of colours and styles there is a hipsta® to match your lifestyle!

These clever water bottle holders allow you to take water with you wherever you go without the hassle of carrying your bottle in your hand.

Keeping Hydrated is easy. Use these simple bottle holders to carry water with you on a hike, while shopping, at the beach, amusement park or just keep it handy during your daily routines.

Wear it on your pocket, on a belt, attached to a bag or anywhere else it needs to fit into your day. If you’re into long-distance walking, hiking or even just sightseeing around town it’s imperative to ensure you are keeping hydrated.

Keeping Hydrated never looked so good

Keeping Hydrated never looked so good. Good hydration can make a significant difference to your sports performance.

Fun Tips to Staying and Keeping Hydrated

If you’re living a busy life, even simple tasks like staying hydrated can be difficult. So here are some fun ways to keep your fluids up from hipsta®;

  • Keep your water bottle within reach – The more you make drinking water something that requires extra effort (i.e. getting up to grab cup after cup), the less likely you are to drink enough of it. Keep your hipsta® bottle holder within reach at all times. If your hipsta® is attached to your bag, hip pocket or anywhere that’s easy to grab, with your bottle loaded you’re much more likely to drink it!
  • Mix it up – Try out the hipsta® active strap. It’s great for longer walks/runs and fits comfortably on your leg without weighing you down.
  • Flavour your ice. Freeze small fruit, like blueberries or raspberry’s in your ice cube tray and add them to your water. You can also try making ice cubes out of no-sugar-added juices and put them in your water, too.
  • Buy cool designed water bottles and accessories – Yes, Buying cool water bottles and accessories makes all the difference in the world. Having something aesthetically pleasing to look at is going to remind you to drink more often. Co-workers and friends will comment on your bottle holder, giving you another reminder to sip away during the day.
  • Keeping Hydrated for kids is easy with hipsta® at school Kids Keeping Hydrated at School


Healthy Habits for You and the Environment

Lightweight, disposable plastic beverage bottles are ideal to take on the go – to work, to school, to the gym, sightseeing and just about anywhere.  But because these plastic bottles are being consumed away from home, only a smaller percentage of empty beverage bottles are making it into our recycling bins.

Plastic bottles are among the most readily recycled plastics, So  when you empty a plastic beverage bottle anytime you’re out and about, remember to attach the empty bottle to your hipsta® bottle holder and bring the bottle home so you can recycle it.  That way, while you’re doing something that’s good for you, you’ll also be doing something that’s good for the environment.


We hope the tips above give you a few new ways for keeping hydrated and keeping h2o and the environment top of mind.

There are countless reasons to make hydration, and keeping hydrated, a priority. With Hipsta®, you’ll stay super hydrated while easily carrying your favourite drink for any activity.

Keepinghydratedduring any event and music festival

Keeping hydrated during any event and music festival