Promotional bottle holders – how they can be a walking billboard for your logo

Promotional products and merchandise are a very popular marketing tool for Australian businesses, recent studies showed that Australian small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) spend on average $31,000 per year on promotional products! With so many corporate gifts now available, choosing the right product for the right event or consumer can be challenging.

Australian businesses want promotional products that help them connect with their consumers, increase awareness of their brand, and create a way to stand out from competitors. So, how do we stay ahead of competitors and promote business with the latest eye-catching product? Easy, make your logo into a walking billboard with a promotional bottle holder.

Promotional bottle holders make for an impressive and simple way to promote your business. I see organizations waste so much of their marketing budget on pens and mugs that never leave the office or work site. 

Promotional bottle holders have not been as popular as some other products. When you search for promotional bottle holders, all you get is search results for lanyards. With only one water bottle holder product available on the market until now, hydration has never looked so good.

The great thing about promotional bottle holders  is you can give them to your employees to encourage them to carry water with them at all times ensuring they keep hydrated, or you could give them to customers and encourage them to use them at sporting events or while travelling.

Promotional bottle holders make an ideal walking billboard for your logo! Make your  brand stand-out and drive conversations about your business.

Connect your brand with a unique and one of a kind product and stand apart from your competitors.

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Promotional Logo Bottle Holders

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