Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Holder


Hydration never looked so good! Through a range of colours and styles there is a hipsta® to match your lifestyle! If you want to keep fit and stay hydrated while on the move then you need to get on track with this clever designed bottle holder. Keep this slim and stylish hipsta® bottle holder with you all the time. Wear it on your pocket, on a belt, attached to a bag or anywhere else it needs to fit into your day. No matter where you’re going hipsta® is essential for keeping your bottle nearby.

Keep this slim and stylish hipsta® with you all the time. No matter where you’re going hipsta® is essential for keeping your bottle nearby and it stays in place no matter what you’re doing. Carrying around a water bottle can be really annoying, with hipsta® you get your hands back and won’t lose your water or drink bottle again!

Use hipsta® anywhere – perfect for:

  • Walking, hiking and nature walks
  • Outdoor activities, boot camp and Working out – wear at gyms and athletic clubs
  • Work, community days or functions
  • Walking the dog
  • Concerts and Sporting events
  • Theme and Amusement parks
  • Fishing and Hunting
  • Golfing
  • Traveling

This water bottle clip stands apart from other bottle clips, hooks and holders. With a patented design and swivel feature, our newest design is perfect for day travellers, fitness enthusiasts and dog walkers, or anyone who needs to effortlessly carry water bottle with them.

Hipsta® bottle holder is one of the most secure water bottle holders on the market. Once your bottle is loaded, our spring won’t let go until you are ready to unload the bottle.

Designed with a flexible yet tight clip, it will hold onto belts, straps, loops and anything else you can attach it too. Manufactured with the strongest available plastics (polycarbonate) and chrome plated spring steel our hipsta® bottle holder will hold most types of drink bottles and attach to just about anything.

All of our bottle holders feature a patented “secure hold’ spring steel ring and not a cheap plastic ring to secure the bottle. Once you clip this water bottle holder on you will barely notice you’re carrying a bottle at all.